Behind The Scenes: What I've Learned from New Patriotism Drop

If I have learned anything from the last month. It's that I need to refine my processes concerning pin launch. I've moved the needle from my last launch. The "New Patriotism" collection was even timely, with the election well under way and the message appropriate. 

Next time, though, I will plan. This is more than being creative and sharing it with the public. This is really about discipline. Once I have mastered the many disciplines that I believe are needed to run this business, sales and exposure will come. 

I'm a list maker. So I will be crafting two lists after this post: (1) A macro-level list of to-dos of how I should invest my energy going forward (2) a master process check list for a pin collection release. 


But back to what I was saying...

I liked how I ambitious I was this collection. I definitely gave my pins more face time than the first collection. I'm honestly taking this venture much more seriously because it's a labor of love. I look forward to what this investment of time will yield. Plus, I look forward to having a collection of pins I love. 

Speaking of pins I love, I have to commit to myself to never create a pin or an item that I myself would not personally add to my accessories collection.  This will force me to branch out into different product categories like jewelry, keychains, etc. I mostly wear pins in the fall, bc that's when I wear suit jackets. So there is opportunity for Buttonhole to flourish authentically in lock-step with my tastes.


I chase satisfaction

and I found myself not satisfied with how inconsistent and not intentional my brand presentation was this go-around. In all fairness, I shot from the hip this collection. I learn from experience. My brain really began churning once I had certain data points.
- Who was buying my pins? Why?
- Why weren't other people buying?
- How do I convey value to my customer?
- How do I find my customer?
- and on and on

I found that the people the purchased had a profound experience of me from my anti-racism work at my corporate job. The challenge is creating that same value with complete strangers and with something wildly less electric...accessories. 

So now, I have to let go of the idea that I am chasing sales. I am really chasing the accessories of my dreams. The people will follow. If nothing, I am a trendsetter.

Hugs & Drugs

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