To-Done List: New Patriotism Post Mortem


- Finish SEO course and make changes to the Shopify store accordingly
- place orders for New Patriotism from vendor
- Plan out content strategy
- Update Buttonhole FB page
- Research better pin vendors
- outline future collections in blog post
- Create Video for post on buttonhole instagram about BTS biz pivots
- create video for post for personal pages raising brand awareness among my connects (instagram, fb, LinkedLn)
- Remind connections to go to site to share thoughts about the collection.
- plan out and execute content strategy for New Patriotism & Money Mood Collections. PLAN OUT BOARDS!
- plan out and take pictures for both collections again.
- do research on a variety of pin providers with different capabilities (glow in the dark, gold plate, moving pieces, clear etc)
- iron out the Who, What, Where, When, Why content strategy
- research vendors that would be willing to buy inventory
- research places where I can be a vendor?
-leverage content planning services

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