Buttonhole started in late 2019 with the fanciful idea that I can make a living from my “whims” and just “being myself.”  I took that to mean that my propensity for ridiculous inside jokes and embarrassing songs can be something I can share with the world.

I’ve always wanted to be a serial entrepreneur. I also fancy myself a rugged individualist. So I leapt at the opportunity to follow my heart and learn about business in the process.

My mission with this brand is to have my flower bloom as it sees fit in this part of my life. I drop collections when they come to me. I don’t mind sharing my journey as I learn, grow and press forward toward my actualization.

Who's behind Buttonhole?

Owner, Jenny Vallon, in her convertible with the top down. She has on black cat eye glasses and big hair. She felt like crap but was looking fabulous!

Hey y'all! I'm Jenny Vallon, the owner of Buttonhole.

I am a self-taught Software Engineer by day and run this business (along with a few others) on my down time. 

I like pizza, media and music from the 90s, fashion & beauty, money, naps and sitting -- not necessarily in that order. 
I may look serious but upon closer inspection you will find out pretty quickly that I like poop jokes.

🐈 I have a cat named Jiggy,  🐈 
👯‍♀️ a sister that I love pranking 👯‍♀️
👦🏾 and a little brother who will never be too old for 👦🏾
👹  the tickle monster 👹

I hope my merch lifts your spirits. I had a lot of fun creating it. 

xo Hugs & Drugs xo
insta: @jennyvallon