Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does Buttonhole ship, strictly in the US? What’s the shipping method and cost within the US?

We actually ship worldwide. Buttonhole uses the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE for ALL OF IT’S SHIPPING NEEDS. If you are an international customer and your country has additional customs fees once your package arrives in your land, the fees will not be paid for by Buttonhole. Within the US, we standard and express shipping through the United States Postal Service, which is noted as an additional charge when checking out (this cost is subject to change depending on the USPS). If you are looking to order a larger quantity of our products please send us an email first so we can check shipping prices.



2. What is Buttonhole’s return policy?

If for any reason something is wrong with your order or you are not a fan of our products please email us at ADMIN@BUTTONHOLE.COM and we’ll take care of you.



3. If I have a question about the product, who do I contact?

To get a better understanding of our products, send an email to ADMIN@BUTTONHOLE.COM.



4. Does Buttonhole offer product samples?




5. Does Buttonhole take PayPal? What about cash on delivery?

Yes, we offer both PayPal and Stripe. We are strictly and online business at the moment, so payment is only accepted online for your safety and ours.



6. I’m having technical difficulties, who do I contact?

Send an email over to ADMIN@BUTTONHOLE.COM.



7. If my question wasn’t answered here what do I do?

We have our emails plastered all over the website – just pick one and let us know what you need. We’ll take care of you.


8. Do you make custom pins?

Not generally. However, we are willing to make exceptions for especially cool projects. Maybe a Fenty x Buttonhole collab? #manifestation # visualization