Return / Refund Policy

1. Buttonhole will issue refunds and exchanges based on a case by case basis.

2. Buttonhole will not accept exchanges for used items. 

3. Due to Covid-19, Buttonhole will not be accepting any returned merchandise once it has been delivered to the customer. For merchandise that has not been delivered and has bounce back from the mail carrier see bullet 5.

4. It is the policy of Buttonhole to offer a full refund on orders that Buttonhole made a mistake on. 
e.g. We mailed you the wrong item

5. It is the policy of Buttonhole for customers to repay for shipping when their item is returned to Buttonhole because of an address error.
e.g. 1) Customer forgot to include an apartment number. 2) Customer did not use the correct postal code.

6. Any situation covered and/or not covered in this policy is subject to change depending on the situation at hand. Please send all return / refund inquiries to ADMIN@BUTTONHOLE.COM